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Moving and Storage Service in Bangalore: On the day of the move, all items that go to your new home or workplace must be properly packed. To save yourself a lot of work and avoid having to live or work for weeks between moving boxes, you can have your furniture packed by our packers and movers. We offer various packages for this. For a carefree move, you can come to Creative Packers. Clear agreements, Passionate team, through preparation and Professional material: these are the pillars on which you build with us.

Moving with Professional Packing Service

Packing all the stuff takes a lot of time. Yet, it is important, because all items must be well protected. However, packing dishes, electronics and large items such as cabinets and pianos is more difficult than it seems. We the packers and movers Bangalore help you with a professional custom packing service. Before choosing us first make a list of packers and movers Bangalore because many packers and movers charges a bit more.

Packing Service

Preventing damage is an important part of your move. This applies to your belongings, but also to your old and new home. Careful packing, or having it packed, is therefore a good start to a damage-free move.

Self Packing

As a professional movers and packersCreative Packers is the right place for tips on packing your belongings. You can also rent or purchase the necessary materials at attractive rates. Think, for example, of sturdy moving boxes, wrapping paper, labels, moving blankets, bubble wrap and picture boxes.

Have It Packed

If you want to keep control of your move, but don’t want to pack everything yourself, we offer a solution. Our team use the best materials to move your belongings quickly and without damage. You decide whether everything is packed or, for example, only books and glassware. Once at the new address, you can have everything unpacked and placed in the cupboards. The used materials are then immediately cleaned up. Of course you can also give everything a place in your new home. We will then collect the removal materials on an agreed date. Inform without obligation about the packing options and the use of moving materials. We are the best for movers and packers Bangalore.

Storage Area

We have state-of-the-art storage space where you can have your goods stored for a long or short period of time. Whether it concerns the storage of your household effects, car or business storage, you can count on a service focused on security, privacy and efficiency. We are able to carry out any kind of relocation. With the right deployment of professionals and materials Creative Packers guarantees you a carefree move.

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